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You probably want to enhance your reputation, and that task starts online. Here are five unexpected places to tell your story.

Guest post by Hannah Morgan

Your Reputation Starts OnlineWe all have a message we want to share. It could be how great our business is, an exciting new product we are releasing, amazing services, or just the fact that you are a talented and accomplished professional. No matter what your message is, there is always a person behind the business and that person is you. Now is the time to think about how you will take control over your online reputation by building it. There are numerous creative ways to get the good news out there, but these are five you may have overlooked.

  1. One Stop Viewing: 
    Where is the one place online someone can go to learn the most about your business? Hopefully it is your website. So where is the one place people can go to learn more about you? has you covered, literally. Within minutes, you can upload a photo that represents your personal brand, write a pithy bio, and add links to your social networks and web pages. This creates a single web page defining who you are and what you do.
  2. Build An Infographic with Vizify – It doesn’t take a lot of time or creativity create visual representation of the professional version of you. With, simply connect your LinkedIn profile and any other social networking sites and you’ve got a slick infographic or visual representation of your work history, education, places you’ve lived, favorite quote and even your superpower (a bite sized infographic highlighting your most marketable quality or talent.) There are many options for you to customize the content and look of your infographic so it reflects just what you want it to.
  3. Show Off with SlideShare – We’ve all seen presentations and maybe given a few as well. Would you like to give them more exposure? Try uploading your next presentation for all to see on SlideShare. Don’t have a presentation? Don’t worry. Your SlideShare presentation could consist of a collection of testimonials or samples of your work in one, easy to follow online document.
  4. Tell Your Story with Prezi – Prezi is a close cousin to SlideShare. It creates moving presentations that feel more like movies. As they say on their site, “[a] visual story has a flow and narrative, where images and words work together to present an idea or lesson.”  Perhaps the story you want to share is about you. You can create a “Presumé” by using one of their templates (or create your own professional biography.)
  5. Make LinkedIn Even Better By Adding Media – Once you have created one or all of these online representations of your talent and expertise, include it in your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is rolling out the ability to embed media in profiles to all its users. Consider adding your Presumé in the Summary section of your profile along with your Vizify infographic. Use Slideshare testimonials to highlight your performance on a project under the Work Experience section. LinkedIn is now more than a static, stagnant resume. It is an interactive portfolio representing your online reputation.


Some final reminders

All the tools in the world won’t help you to stand out or build a reputation if you haven’t thought what you want to be recognized for. Nail this down first and then remember these important points:

  • Be true to your values and goals!
  • Consistency is Queen. Use the same key phrases and photos across as you build your messaging.
  • Don’t just build it. Share it. Let people know and make it easy to find by linking to these other sites.
  • Never exaggerate, lie or plagiarize.

Reputation expert Hannah Morgan

About the Author

Hannah Morgan (on Twitter @careersherpadelivers no-nonsense help for new job seekers. She serves as a guide and provides advice to improve how people traverse the treacherous terrain of today’s economy by focusing on pro-active strategies for job search and leveraging social networks.  

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