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Telling a Story that Inspires Action – in Two Minutes or Less – is the New Elevator Pitch

who-what-when-where: WestfallonlineWe talk all the time, but how often do we have conversations that are… compelling? Being compelling means inspiring others to take action – to close the big deal, to hire you for the job of your dreams, to finance your film, to create a new environmental policy, or to vote for that new candidate.

If you want to inspire others to take action, you have to find a way to make what matters to you, matter to your audience. And – You have to be BRIEF! In this world of tweets and texts, our attention spans have shrunk while the amount of noise and distraction has increased exponentially.

How do you cut through the clutter?

Without passion and conviction, our conversations are commonplace. But, when you can infuse your remarks with what you really care about, that caring is contagious. Emotional connection to your subject is the first step, in getting others to respond to your objectives.

Here are some ideas that can help you to plug into who you are, what you can offer, and what you need. Consider these topics, as the foundation for a great elevator speech:

  • “I’m at my best when…” True leaders create an environment where others are at their best. So, think for a second: when have you been ‘at your best’, and why? How can you get an audience (of one, or many) engaged in a situation that could help them to operate ‘at their best’?  Inspiring change starts with a vision of a brave new world; why not make it one where people are operating at optimum levels?
  • “Let’s start with why…” Your listener wants to know: why does this subject matter to you, and why should it matter to me?
  • Remember the standard answer to “Why?”, from when you were a kid:          “Because…”
  • Have you shared your “because” in a way that helps others to see a better alternative to the status quo? If you can’t talk in tangible terms about how things can be better, you haven’t found your “because”. That one word opens the door to greater understanding, acceptance and (if your plans are realistic and achievable) the action that you want.Let people know what happens when they move forward with you – if it’s a positive result, you should prepare for a positive response.

What action can you expect from others? Work towards that!

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