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If you’re giving an elevator pitch, or just having a conversation, distractions always come into play. What’s the right way to respond to interruptions?

Has this ever happened to you? you’re talking with someone important (your boss, your spouse, your team, your next client, or your last client) about something that really matters to you… and they check out?

You just offered up your magic formula for world peace, complete with a diagram from Carol Roth’s latest blog post, and you got a big fat zero in response to your elevator speech?  When you’re interrupted, or you get upstaged by a text message or facebook post, it’s easy to think that you’ve lost your mojo.  Yet, within the new elevator pitch, there’s a clear-cut formula for getting the conversation back on track, and placing attention on what matters.

The elevator pitch is a brief and persuasive way to communicate your message. You don’t have to be “pitching” anything, to be mindful of good communication.

But sometimes even the best communication can be met with a “Meh”.

We’re all bombarded by millions of distractions every day, even in the middle of our elevator pitch. The best way to get your elevator speech back on track is with honesty.


Honesty is the key to keeping your elevator pitch on track


We all have the ability to tell a story. You can deliver a message, even in the midst of distractions, when you focus on being authentic and relevant. There’s a reason why you’re talking in the first place; stay focused on your message and make your elevator speech compelling by keeping it real. Even if being real means acknowledging that things are real awkward.

The best elevator pitch is the one that’s the most honest and frank. Don’t be afraid to say what’s really happening. If you keep the truth out of your elevator speech, you’ll never get to the top floor. Be candid and be frank if you want your message to matter. Distractions are contagious: honesty is the antidote.

And SMILE in your elevator speech – that’s contagious too.

Photo courtesy of garryknight. Used under creative commons, some rights reserved.

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