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Having a successful blog depends on your audience.  Do you know who your audience really is?

As a marketing and branding guy, this blog represents my opportunity to deliver my message and generate awareness.  So, my audience is…well, YOU.  Thank you for taking a look!  But, are you the right audience?  In my mind, the answer is yes – and I appreciate you sharing in my journey.

Along the way, I aim to entertain, inform…and maybe even influence some change.  I’m especially focused on helping people to communicate more effectively, and – if you’ve been here before – you know that I focus on the platform of the NEW Elevator Pitch.  Not unlike blogging, a lot of people have misconceptions about what an elevator pitch really is.

A lot of people think that an elevator pitch is a short, memorized speech.

That’s called a “monologue”, not an elevator pitch.

A lot of people think that an elevator pitch is a sales pitch.  And that’s sorta kinda true, but a little outdated.  Who do you know that wants to be sold?

Mirror, MirrorBut what we all need is an understanding of how to make the kinds of connections we really need – and we all want to influence others to agree with our ideas.  (I think even Seth Godin would agree, don’t you?) Connections via social media or connections via social functions – no matter where you are, or what you do, you (and I) are always interested in persuasion.

Persuasion and influence are the foundations of leadership.  Additionally, if you want to sell something (even if it’s just your great new idea about trying the Thai place on the corner) you have to know how to capture and deliver your message.  Does your blog persuade your reader in some way or another?  What’s the persuasion you’re trying to create?

Or …is your blog just about your personal journey?

Is the audience for your blog… Yourself?

Writing is a great catharsis, a great way to collect your thoughts.  The internet gives us all a chance to share our ideas, to pontificate, to articulate, to regurgitate.  You know the drill.

But I wonder:

Who is your audience, when you write your message?  What sort of change do you want to create?  Or are you simply sharing observations and thoughts, from your personal journey?

Look, this is the internet, so there are no wrong answers.  But it has been my experience that a message that’s meant for someone else is the message that’s most compelling.  When you write your blog, who do you imagine as your reader?

Or is it just your mirror?

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