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What exactly is Demotainment, and why do you need it?

Jason Bax has created a new method of pitching anything to anybody – and his methods are based on the ‘pitchless pitch’. Canada’s own celebrity pitchman, Bax is a multi-million dollar producer for internet marketing com, and his client list includes Nissan, Bayer, and Hasbro. “Yes, it’s true I’m a professional pitchman,” he admits, “but: I’m not a douchebag.”

To confirm or deny that last remark, read on.

What’s the secret to a great sales pitch… or elevator speech?

“There is no such thing as an attention span. People have infinite attention if you are entertaining them.”
– Jerry Seinfeld

In my search to find exceptional elevator pitch resources for both of the people who read my blog, I happened to connect with Jason Bax. If Jason looks familiar, you may have seen him on a recent episode of Supernatural, Sanctuary, Fringe… or as a spokesperson for over 50 Fortune 1000 brands. Recently, he helped entrepreneurs to get funded on Dragon’s Den (in the US, we know this show as Shark Tank).

From Dragon’s Den to pitch and win:

Bax has created a new way of creating a connection with your customers, and it’s called Demotainment.

Bax says you don’t have to be a comedian or professional entertainer to make your message matter. And, just in case you think you need an opportunity to practice this new methodology, he’s also introduced Pitchmasters – an organization dedicated to helping people refine and improve their pitch.

Jason is a fascinating guy, but more importantly: he knows what works when it comes to pitches, and that’s Demotainment.

The idea of a “sales pitch” is an antique concept from a bygone era. Make your pitch relevant, concise and engaging with ideas that fit for the new economy.

Photo of the Vancouver skyline courtesy of Scott Webb, used under creative commons license. Some rights reserved.

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