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There’s a sure-fire way to defeat writer’s block.

Have you ever had writer’s block – you know, that tragic feeling that you just don’t know what to write, or what to write about? Maybe you’ve had problems with writing a term paper. Or a blog post. Or maybe something important for your job.

The Millennial CEO by Daniel NewmanSometimes we all lose our inspiration – the driving force that helps you to create your next paragraph, your next white paper, or even your next book.

But inspiration is closer than you think, when it comes to writing.

If you’re stuck on what to write, then don’t try to write.

Does that sound counter-intuitive?

Stop writing!
Because doing what you don’t want to do is a sure sign that you won’t do it well.

[bctt tweet=”If you’ve got writer’s block, stop writing. It’s that simple. Put down the pen, and pick up a book”]

Instead of writing, try reading. Pick up a good book, by a good author, and see what kind of inspiration you might find.

What’s true for students is true for you: good readers are good writers, and vice versa. Maybe a good story will inspire you to continue yours.

If you’re interested in some interesting food for thought, pick up a book on how to create a great story. Check out these titles:

These guys are great storytellers, with a great message. And, if you don’t feel like picking up a book, why not turn to these great online resources for inspiration?

  • – The blog that started with a list offers ideas on every kind of topic you could possibly imagine
  • Switch and – targeted at leadership, this blog consistently offers new insights and new ideas on how companies – and company leaders – should behave

The best way to write? Start off with a good read!

And, if you still can’t find inspiration, maybe you should check out a few videos, on how to make your message matter!

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