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When it comes to credibility, you’ve got to know how to connect your story to your audience. Being believable is easy, if you know this secret.

Credibility is all about beliefs – specifically, what others believe to be true about you and your story. But, those beliefs don’t start with an external audience. If you want to be credible, and improve your credibility, ask yourself:

What is it that you believe, about your message?

Credibility is all about beliefs. Influencing the beliefs of others is all about what you believe to be true, first and foremost.

Are you really able to show up, and stay engaged with what’s happening right in front of you? Or are you busy responding to an outdated and defensive belief system?

Your answer will definitely impact your credibility.

With greater credibility comes greater influence. Influence and persuasion are the cornerstones of effective leadership. In my coaching practice, I help my clients to connect with “right now”, as opposed to yesterday’s preconceptions, or last week’s outdated beliefs.

Are you interested in improving your credibility?

Consider what you believe to be true about your audience, your message, your solution. Before a new initiative is received, it has to be believed.

Orange Facebook iconBelieving in your story isn’t about some affirmation mumbo-jumbo, where just by saying you “believe in yourself” makes it so. The world is full of unearned confidence. For me, my work focuses on finding the real belief system – the one that engages your listener and persuades the outcomes that you want to create. I don’t place my faith in affirmations. Instead, I help my clients to find their inner wisdom.  In my experience, what’s inside is stronger than any outside affirmation – and the source of your credibility.

Hopefully, that’s a message we can all believe in.

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