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Creativity takes many forms, but first and foremost, all creative pursuits have one thing in common.

Want to know what that is?

Creativity can mean a creative art form (like sculpture, architecture or theater).  Or it can mean creativity, in the process of creation.

Many entrepreneurs exhibit the characteristics of an artist.

If creativity matters to you, remember this one fact:

All Artists are Storytellers.

Catch Me If You Can Neil Simon TheatreDo you consider yourself an artist?  At some level, we all engage in creative endeavors, but for the artist, true talent alone is not enough. Art doesn’t speak for itself. Beyond your work, your personal story is perhaps one of the most powerful tools you can master. As Stella Adler said, “You have to have a talent for your talent”. Great artists aspire to make great connections with the audience – a personal connection that reveals who you are, through your talents and gifts.  Creativity doesn’t mean “arts and crafts” – it means the process of creation.  What is it that you would like to create?  Perhaps it is a beautiful symphony, or a new non-profit initiative, or a business venture in your community.  Whatever your creative endeavor, remember this universal rule:

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Creativity Doesn’t Speak for Itself.


Neither do the numbers, or the brand, in the business world. Whether you’re in an art gallery or a boardroom,  somebody still has to tell the story – the story of YOU.

Whatever your creative endeavor, you have to be able to tell the story of your personal brand, and describe your artistic vision, if you want to make a difference. Develop your talent to a virtuoso level, but don’t forget to connect with your audience – even in an elevator pitch.

Your personal brand is the way that people connect with you, before your creativity takes center stage.

Every great work of art tells a story. What’s Yours?

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Photo courtesy of Kay Gaensler, used under creative commons. Some rights reserved.

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