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Getting others engaged in your vision – your vision for your career, your business, your ideas – requires a new understanding.

Sure, we all know how to talk.

We “understand” the importance of effective communication.

We all “know” that the words you choose, and the way you deliver your message, is a key component of your success.

We text and tweet and swipe left, right, up or down (depending on the app for that). But once someone swipes, likes and clicks, it’s time to talk.

And when your customer, your boss, your partner, or your date is ready to take the conversation to a new level – it seems like a good idea to be prepared.


Tuned in.

Stella Adler famously said, “You’ve got to have a talent, for your talent.” Whatever your talent might be, your impact begins with your story.

Introducing Conversational Leadership

I’ve created a video course that’s designed to help you to bring your ideas to life.

There are 14 modules. None of the modules are more than 10 minutes in length. And there are downloadable exercises for you – instruction that’s designed to expand your possibilities, and your confidence, when it comes to your next high-stakes conversation.

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Whether you want to get a job, get a sale, get an investor …or just convince your kids to do their homework, you’ve got to understand conversational leadership. Through the context of the NEW elevator pitch, you can see new ways of formulating your ideas. New ways of connecting. And new ways of creating your results.

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