The Three Words

How do you know if you’ve got a great “pitch”?

First of all, it better not sound like a pitch. The best pitch is a conversation.

If you think you need to become a “pitchman” in order to be effective, think again. Becoming anyone other than who you are is a step in the wrong direction. The best conversation is the one where you show up at your most authentic and real.


What ideas show up for you, when you watch this video? Do you see the nature of the trick question?

Tall poppy or false modesty: which one describes you? We’re one or the other, depending on the circumstances (hey – me too!)

Just remember that changing from how you’ve “always done things” is exactly one thought away.

Do You Want to Join the ADVANCED CLASS? 

OK. Here goes.

Don’t tell your therapist, but that thing that’s limiting you is just a thought.

Your limiting beliefs can go away as soon as you let them. And – get this – you don’t have to change your thinking, undergo a mind control session, or “awaken any giants within” in order to accomplish what’s next.

Does that sound like a bold claim?


Yes it does.

But here’s what I know: The difference between a claim and a result starts with a simple conversation. And that conversation costs you nothing more than your time.

Recently, I thought I had something wrong with me – something mysterious, and I knew I was in need of serious attention. I had a conversation with my doctor.

Have you ever experienced that feeling? Googling gurus in search of answers, when all you needed was a better understanding of what was really going on with you?

Understanding, for me, was the antidote I was missing. A simple understanding.

That understanding helped me to stop googling diseases, and start doing what I needed to do to heal.

Understanding made it simple, all of a sudden. Wow. What a relief.

Maybe that understanding is a conversation you’d like to explore.

If so, I’d like to invite you to schedule a 30 minute call – and it’s free. If you’re interested in looking at things in a new way, I am too. Let me share with you what I’ve discovered, in one focused conversation.

Here’s a link to set up your time to talk.

Let me know your biggest challenge, and what you’d like to discuss. ANYTHING is fair game. The bigger the better, I have found.

It’s all part of the way I want to create value for my subscribers.

Most people have something that they want to change, or some limits that they can’t seem to escape. Is that you? Maybe. But I know this offer isn’t for everybody.

Consider the source of your challenges:

  • Business
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Loss, and letting go
  • The thing that’s missing, whatever it may be
  • Talent, skills and experience (lacking in one or more of these areas)
  • Why you can’t maintain a “success mindset” or “flow” – and what you can do about it
  • What else have you got that you’d like to take out of your suitcase – you know, that heavy one that’s slowing you down? 

Let’s talk about that “one thing” that’s always been there. Let’s look at how you can ask it to leave.

Our topic is transformation.

I only ask one thing: Don’t set the appointment if you don’t want to sincerely look in that direction. Don’t come to the conversation expecting to chit chat. Let’s both focus on your results, because you never know what we might find.

Maybe we’ll invite in some new outcomes for you as well.  If you’re interested – really interested – in new outcomes. I can’t promise what that might mean, but we could discover the answers together (if you’re interested in that sort of thing).

What would happen if you could truly change your story, and change your results? It’s just a conversation.

The journey continues tomorrow – look for the link in your email!