Chris Westfall keynote in front of large crowd

Technology is changing every day. A technology consultant has to point you towards innovation, if you are going to find new results. Finding new ways of looking at the same old problems requires a consultant with vision – and a focus on bringing your vision to life.

As a certified transformational coach, Chris Westfall focuses on business processes at their core. What’s behind every process within your organization? People. And the way that people connect, engage and communicate is the key to your success. Working with technology giants like Cisco and HP, as well as hundreds of smaller tech companies, Chris Westfall combines insight with experience to help you to reach your goals.

Driving Results

Consider the culture of your organization: is your employee engagement where you would like it to be? What about customer satisfaction? When you understand how to communicate more effectively, you lead people and processes to new results. You drive technology, and your technology creates the future. Are you ready to begin the process of creativity? Find a consultant that can point you towards your own resourcefulness, and your own innovation. That technology consultant is Chris Westfall.

Learn More About Technology Consulting with Chris Westfall

Consulting for technology companies opens up a broad field of business. Experience is important. But innovation doesn’t come from imitation. How about someone who can revamp your brand and help you and your team achieve peak performance?


Insights into Innovation

Chris says, “The best business coach doesn’t just share what he or she knows. Effective coaching is about helping you to discover what you know.” So many of us let our doubts, fears, and insecurities blind us to our greatest selves. What would your business look like if you could unlock all that hidden potential?

One of the biggest problems in business today – technology companies included – is employee engagement. Research shows that only 19% of IT employees are really happy in their jobs. How do you get your team fully invested in their projects? As Jack Stack, author of A Stake in the Outcome, said: “People support what they help to create.”

Chris uses technology consulting to teach you how you to lead in a way that fosters a sense of co-creation in your team. His book, Leadership Language, teaches you how to be a that kind of leader – not someone who bosses people around and tells them what to do, but someone who brings out the best in everyone.

Consulting for technology companies isn’t a simple and easy job, but Chris has the chops to do it right. Book a session with him and see how he can help you drive innovation and get results. Real results that you’ll see in your bottom line, as well as your relationships with your team and your investors.

Chris can help take your technology company to heights it’s never reached before. A consulting session with Chris is never, ever boring. He’ll zero in on the areas of your business that need improvement and give you the straight talk, but communicates in a way that makes it fun for everyone, not awkward and embarrassing.