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Coaching clients onto Shark Tank, Dragons Den in Canada and Shark Tank Australia:

Chris Westfall has helped raise over $100 million in capital investment for entrepreneurs. His start-up coaching has helped launch over five dozen entrepreneurial businesses (and counting). 

His start-up clients have won the Harvard Executive MBA Pitch Competition, the SEC Pitch Competition, Intel Capital Conference, Baylor New Ventures, and the Rice Business Plan Competition (the largest and most lucrative competition of its kind in the world. 

Could coaching make a difference for your start-up? 

What would you like to create for your organization, new venture or entrepreneurial idea?

They say that entrepreneurship is the ultimate expression of creativity. In business, what you create is a reflection of your skills and talents. For start-ups: your business is your source of satisfaction, and your wealth. Inventors, entrepreneurs and visionary leaders have to bring their ideas to market. Because ideas without actions are just dreams.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, you don’t have to go it alone. As an entrepreneur, you understand the need for resources and expertise. Your ideas need funding, if your business is going to thrive. Who’s helping you to find what you need?

Your Vision = Your Results

Your ability to bring your start-up vision to life, for your market and for your investors, is the true measure of your success. When it comes to your pitch, and pitching your start-up business idea, do you know how to tell your story? When you understand how to communicate more effectively, you lead people and processes to new results. As an entrepreneur, you drive engagement, and your work creates the future. Are you ready to being the process of creativity? Find a consultant that can point you towards your own resourcefulness, and your own innovation. That consultant is Chris Westfall.

Strategic consulting for start-ups is crucial. More than half of start-ups fail in the first five years. If you’ve set your sights higher than mere survival, you need an experienced startup coach who can guide you through the process. 

There are lots of rabbis out there, offering free advice. And a fresh perspective can be valuable. You know the problem with free advice: you usually get what you pay for. Will someone else’s success help you to create your own? Will war stories from the past help you to create the future? Perhaps you should consider a consultant who is focused on your story, and your results – instead of just capitalizing on an opportunity to share their own personal accomplishments. Whether you are talking to angel investors or VCs, you deserve to have the insights you need. From pre-revenue to Series A and beyond, you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself.


How well do you know your investors, customers and market? Is your business plan good enough to attract the funding you need? What does your investor deck look like? From angels to VC firms, and every round in between: entrepreneurs have to have a talent for storytelling. It’s tough out there. Investors will only give you one chance, and they can smell amateurs from a mile away. You need startup consulting sessions to help you polish your presentation and change that initial “So what?” into “Tell me more!”

As the National Elevator Pitch champion and author of The New Elevator Pitch, Chris Westfall knows all about how to grab a VC’s attention in those first few crucial seconds…and beyond.

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