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A leadership consulting session with Chris Westfall will open your eyes to new insights. Most of us think we know what leadership means. But beyond your title, your rank, or your position: where does leadership come from? How do you know if you’re really a leader? How much does your role matter? If you leave your position as CEO, are you still a leader? What’s the real impact of  a transition in your life? Big events, like a promotion to the C-suite, or a difficult divorce, death of a family member, or the sale of your business: what does the next chapter look like for you? 

Leadership and Lifestyle

These might sound like philosophical questions, but they’re very relevant to executive leadership coaching. Just as leaving a C-suite position doesn’t make you any less of a leader, being promoted doesn’t automatically turn you into one.  Change is all around us; leaders know that uncertainty and discomfort don’t have to go together.

Leadership is a verb. Not a title.

Leaders challenge the status quo and take the initiative to move forward on the things that matter to them. They improve situations for the people they care about – the people they are responsible to and for. Not all leaders have followers, but all leaders have vision. A vision that challenges the status quo.

What’s your vision? How do you take action to make things better than what’s gone before? Chris Westfall’s leadership consulting can help you answer this vital question, and inspire others in the process. Share yours with an author whose writing has appeared in Forbes, SUCCESS, Entrepreneur, and more.

The assumptions you have about the way things work determine your results. You know what they say – do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. What are the assumptions you have about yourself, your customers, your team, and your industry? How would your results change if you changed those beliefs? 

A leadership consulting session with Chris can help you bring out your inner leader, and helping others to do the same. His book, Leadership Language, helps readers make amazing changes in their lives by teaching them how to communicate authentically and effectively. Even the best of the best – the U.S. Navy Seals – have benefitted from Chris’ leadership coaching services.

Learn More About Leadership Coaching with Chris Westfall

He has a gift for helping people improve without putting them on the spot or making them feel awkward and embarrassed. He’ll have you and your team laughing and having fun while you learn and work through your problem.

Most people don’t realize how much of a leader they already are. Don’t let your fears and limiting beliefs hold you back from discovering your true potential. Book a leadership consulting session with Chris and you’ll see how changing the conversation can deliver fantastic new results – results you can see immediately.     

As the National Elevator Pitch champion and author of The New Elevator Pitch, Chris Westfall knows all about how to bring leadership to life. If it looks like leadership consulting is something reserved for someone else, look again. Look inside. Find the power and the potential that’s inside of you – and then, turn your discovery into new results for your team.

Chris Westfall has helped launch over four dozen businesses and raise more than $50 million in investment capital. Having coached clients to success on Shark Tank, Dragons Den in Canada and Shark Tank – Australia, he can help you to take your business to the next level.  Beyond accolades and accomplishments, Chris Westfall is a transformational coach who will help you to tap into your true leadership potential. Change the conversation, and change your results.

Insight is the key to innovation. Make sure that you aren’t just getting free advice, or a few good war stories, when you work with a leadership consultant. Invest in a business coach that can help you to access the ideas that you need – not just yesterday’s news. As a leadership consultant, Chris Westfall has been a part of launching over four dozen businesses.  He’s coached the winners of the Intel Global Capital Conference, the Harvard Executive Pitch Competition, the SEC Pitch Competition, Baylor New Ventures and the Rice Business Plan Competition (the largest and most lucrative competition of its kind in the world).

Chris Westfall is a former board member of University of Texas at Dallas Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and regularly gives leadership speeches at colleges and universities across North America. As a leadership keynote speaker, Chris has appeared at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Chicago, Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, Ball State University, the University of Waterloo, Kansas State, Indiana State, and the University of North Texas. Are you ready to take the lead?