When you hire someone for business development consulting, growth is always the goal. Chris Westfall can help you craft a message that grows your business, making full use of your team’s brain power and getting their involvement and enrollment in the process. Together you’ll create growth strategies that deliver your message in new and more powerful ways.

A business development consulting session with Chris will teach you and your team about impact, effective communication, and greater clarity concerning your products, services, and client relationships. He’s been recognized as one of the ten best coaches in the city of Houston, Texas, and he specializes in transformational business development consulting.

Hidden Opportunities Revealed

Uncover your untapped inner resources. Find what’s missing. Make your sales matter inside your industry and inside your company. Improve your market share, and your revenues, when you understand where real performance comes from. Very often the things we consider “impossible” are only reflections of our mental and emotional blocks. Chris brings a new perspective that helps his clients unlock their expertise and share their ideas. He’ll show you how to get others on board and obtain their support.

Take your organization to the next level and understand your industry and client relationships in new and more meaningful ways. Chris’ new book, Leadership Language, discusses how you can change your point of view, change your story, and change the conversation to bring about innovative new results. His articles on entrepreneurship and business development have appeared in Forbes, Fortune, SUCCESS, Entrepreneur, The US News & World Report, and numerous regional publications, including the NEW YORK POST, Dallas Morning News, and many others.

Market Impact

From your call center to customer service, business development consulting can impact multiple areas. Finding the alignment you need is key to customer success – as well as advancing the culture of your organization. Are you looking for more alignment between marketing and sales? Are you prospecting effectively, and are your prospects responding to your efforts? With social media marketing, and business development outreach, only a coordinated effort will cut through the noise – if you access the business development consulting you need.

Business development consulting focuses on your results. Chris Westfall is a transformational coach who will help you to tap into your true leadership potential. Insight is the key to innovation, even if you don’t consider yourself a sales leader, or business development executive. You want to grow  your business, and grow your sales – that means new strategies, for new results.  Chris has coached clients onto Shark Tank, Dragons Den in Canada and Shark Tank – Australia. He’s helped his clients to first place victories  at the Intel Global Capital Conference, the Harvard Executive Pitch Competition, the SEC Pitch Competition, Baylor New Ventures and the Rice Business Plan Competition (the biggest and most lucrative competition of its kind in the world).

Even if you’re an experienced business development leader, or sales executive, there’s always more to learn. Find out how to develop your brand, deliver your message, and change the conversation. Because, when you change the conversation, you can change your results.

The next step is an easy one.