High Performance Keynote Speaker Chris Westfall Full 2What are you looking for when you book a conference keynote speaker? Of course, you want someone who can keep the audience engaged and entertained. If they learn something from the conference speaker so much the better.

High Energy & High Impact

A good conference keynote speaker should be able to deliver energy and insight, but also so much more. How about giving your conference event attendees the tools that will empower them to change their lives?What’s your vision for the future? How can a motivational speaker for your conference help you achieve it?

Chris Westfall’s newest book, Leadership Language, teaches people how to create unprecedented results, transforming lives, careers, and associations, simply by changing the conversation.

What does that mean?

Real impact starts with an understanding of where leadership comes from – inside of you. Chris can teach you to bring your story to life through authentic, effective communication. 

Global Conference Keynote Speaker

Chris Westfall has delivered his message of transformation at conferences worldwide. He was the conference keynote speaker for the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) worldwide conference in Frankfurt, Germany. He’s headlined multiple conferences in the UK, delivered conference keynotes for Sourcecon, ALTA, AIA, the Jewish Federations of North America, Green Home Solutions and dozens of others. Chris is accustomed to working with the best of the best – he’s given presentations to the U.S. Navy SEALs, Marine Corps Raiders…and many other “tough audiences” all over the globe.  

When you set up a conference, your attendees expect a seasoned conference keynote speaker who can deliver a first-class presentation. Make sure you deliver what they expect, and more, when you book Chris Westfall.