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Does the economy favor entrepreneurs? According to this article by Jack Nadel, entrepreneurs are the “playmakers” in the new economy.

Keynote Speaker Chris Westfall speaks to college entrepreneursBut colleges have been slow to adapt to the entrepreneurial model.

While it’s true that entrepreneurship is a course of study at numerous institutions of higher learning, is it an area of unexpected investment? Not an investment in classrooms and curriculum, but an investment in real-world advice, combined with that most-vital element in the entrepreneur’s development:

Seed capital. Because that’s what entrepreneurs need most.


Here’s a new program that pays students back, with exceptional dividends:

At the University of Texas at Dallas, The Naveen Jindal School of Management is offering a unique approach to fueling the entrepreneurs’ economy.

Students from across all majors (not just business, but engineering, education, fine arts and more) are eligible to participate in the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship – a program that is re-investing in students and re-shaping the DFW business community.

Because UT Dallas is awarding up to $25,000 in seed capital to young entrepreneurs – entrepreneurs like you will see in this video.

How does your college or school measure up? How do your professors create the kind of real-world engagement that makes a difference for entrepreneurs? And what’s the level of real investment that’s provided to help students gain a foothold, in the career of their choice – when they want to be their own boss?

New ideas for entrepreneurs are new ideas for business growth.

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