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Selected as one of the Top 10 Business Coaches in Houston, Chris Westfall has created transformational results across a wide variety of industries. Coaching clients onto Shark Tank, Dragons’ Den (Canada) and also Shark Tank Australia, he’s helped launch over four dozen businesses. Working with executive leaders at Fortune 100 companies, he’s helped Experian, DISCOVER, Unilever, HP, Cisco and dozens of other companies to discover new insights and new results. In addition, Chris works with thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, founders and inventors each year. From college campuses to the C-Suite, Chris provides one-of-a-kind insights designed to help you to elevate your understanding – and your results.

Peak Performance

Chris Westfall takes a principles-based approach to peak performance, going beyond accountability and goal-setting. Therefore, an inside-out understanding is the key to an entirely new experience of collaboration, impact, leadership, engagement and more.

Because changing your perspective is the first step towards progress.

Your performance changes, as a result.

More importantly, you see new possibilities.

Training vs. Coaching

Training (or teaching) involves a curriculum, and a pedantic (step by step) methodology for learning a particular skill. Transformational leadership coaching puts YOU at the center of the agenda. Not everyone has to start at Chapter One. Start where you are, and move forward from there.  As a result, coaching isn’t about an agenda. Because the agenda is you, and pointing you towards peak performance. Insight can help you to find greater ease and grace in even the most difficult of circumstances. Have you ever wondered why – even with all the training, teaching and experience you possess – there’s still something missing? Coaching certainly helps you to find that spark – hidden behind your blind spot, underneath the labels that don’t serve you, just beyond what you think you already know…there’s a discovery to be made, if you’re willing to take a look.

Insights and Understanding

In conclusion, Coaching offers a greater understanding – an understanding of yourself and your relationships. Connect with your humanity, and your true leadership potential, and you’ve taken the first step towards overcoming the frustration that’s holding you back. New insights are closer than you might realize.

Wouldn't it be great if it were...easier?

Coaching is your path to new understanding

There’s a frustration that you’re feeling. You’re bright, you’re talented and you’re not afraid of hard work. In spite of your success, you realize there’s something more. Something that’s missing. It’s not knowledge – knowledge is everywhere. But there’s a place where ideas flow more easily, and innovation seems to thrive. Yet that place is elusive…rare…how do you find the way back to the place where you are at your best? Beyond labels, obligations, dashboards and calendars…there you are.  If there’s something that’s missing, you have to wonder: what are you doing to keep it out?

As Mark Twain said:

“It ain’t what you don’t know that can hurt you. It’s what you know for certain

…that just ain’t so.”