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For the CEO, leadership is a constant test of your abilities, your business skills, and your communication style.

Here are five key areas that impact effective leadership – can your CEO pass the test?

Kevin Spacey Jason Bateman "Horrible Bosses"1. Use, But Don’t Abuse, The Power of the Position

At the heart of every good leader should be a combination of tough decisiveness with an understanding for the feelings of others.

A CEO who sees the position as that of ultimate power will likely be considered a ruler rather than a leader. Empathy is the antidote.

There’s more to a chief executive’s position than just power. Power can only come from people. How you communicate with people is always the first test of leadership.

2. Show Appreciation
Along with the balance of power and leadership ability, a great CEO recognizes and acknowledges the efforts of others in the company. Valuing employees’ opinions and giving credit when credit is due goes a long way towards establishing positive working relationships.

A truly effective CEO will not only praise others for a job well done, but also applaud the efforts of all employees regardless of the outcome.

Ups and Downs of Leadership3. The CEO Must Be Adaptable
Flexibility is just as important as decisiveness.

A CEO should be steadfast but also be willing to admit when something isn’t working. And, when something isn’t working, it’s the CEO’s job to consider every available option. Innovation requires flexibility. Balance decisiveness with adaptation, if you want to pass the leadership test.

4. Cultivate the Team
Team building is an important leadership skill that every CEO should possess. But, team cultivating is even more important.
Does your CEO provide inspiration, as well as direction? By ensuring an open forum for discussion, an effective CEO can leap tall silos in a single bound.

5. Always Communicate Clearly
Ambiguity is the road to nowhere. Does your CEO express thoughts and objectives as clearly as possible?

An effective way to communicate clearly is to think of every business idea with the end goal in mind. If the idea and end goal don’t have an obvious link, the objective will be unclear to others.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of quality content. He writes on a variety of topics including business, reviews, and personal health.

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