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Everyone is dealing with stress. In a recent Forbes article, I talked about stress, anxiety and mindset.

For many, delivering a presentation (or pitch) can be a very stressful situation. So, in difficult circumstances, what’s the mindset that delivers peak performance?

Sometimes (at least for me) I’m able to handle all of the things life throws at me with relative ease. I’m still working hard…but I’m not thinking hard.

In other words, my thinking doesn’t turn into a hard mindset – nor am I beating myself up that I’m not in a state of flow…you know?

Mindset Matters – or Is Your Mindset What’s Really the Matter?

The placebo effect is real – in other words, believing something is medicine even when it’s not can sometimes help you to get better. You can fake yourself into believing almost anything. But for how long?

Does it seem like a good idea to tell yourself a lie, and hope it makes you better?

Do you need to be in a particular mindset in order to perform at your best? And, if so – should you be confident, or insecure? (Because being insecure might help you to stay on your toes – while confidence might help you to ‘fake it till you make it’. Unless somebody finds out you’re faking it…)

Instead of fake medicine, mantras or artificial programming, consider this perspective on stress and mindset:

What if your performance had nothing to do with your mindset?

Find out more about how my workshops and coaching sessions can deliver new insight into the mindset that really matters – and how you can access peak performance regardless of your mood or circumstances.

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