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Branding can betray you, if your message is incomplete.

And if you think branding is just a conversation, you’re making an expensive social media mistake.

Creating logos, labels, web pages and consistent brand imagery are all an important aspect of branding.

Branding is in the Eye of the BeholderAnd so is social media [understatement of the year? perhaps…] Engagement is the goal of every effective marketer, and every effective social media strategy.

Perhaps great branding is in the eye of the beholder.

But before you tweet and “like” something online, you have to understand what the company stands for, right? Beyond the look of your slogans, avatars, games and contests, there has to be something more – something tangible – or even the best branding will betray you.

A great message – or a great logo – or great comments about said message and logo – aren’t enough to create bulletproof branding.

In fact, if your story isn’t consistent – from the tweets to the product to the service delivery – you business and your profits are at risk.

Branding isn’t just what people say about your business. Branding is your business.

Without a cohesive and connected organization, your branding is betrayed. Not by a recent advertisement, but by a recent customer service engagement. Or a recent management decision regarding distribution strategies. Or by the quality control in the engineering department.

Flaws in your organization will be broadcast by your most important asset, your customer. With social media, branding is certainly a conversation – but without execution, the conversation is incomplete.

The best way – the only way – to create real influence?  Your message has to be consistent throughout the entire organization.

Betrayed by your branding? Consistency is the key.

Align the organization not only around the message, but on what that message means to the customers. After all, in this day and age, the customer controls the brand. Consistency and influence can make your brand truly bullet proof. Otherwise, prepare to be surprised – and betrayed – if your branding doesn’t measure up.

Main frog image courtesy of Miss A Liss. Used under creative commons, some rights reserved.

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