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What are the best job interview questions? Well, here’s the one question that most job seekers forget to ask.

National elevator pitch champion, Chris Westfall, provides insight that can help you to know exactly how you compare to your competition.  Of all the job interview questions, here’s the one that you have to ask if you want to know where you stand.

What are the best job interview questions that a job seeker can ask in an interview? As a hiring manager, how would you respond to a candidate who asked, “Where do I stand..?”

Job Interview Questions: Do you want to make your message matter, for the hiring manager?

Here are some important resources that can help your confidence, delivery and message:

Jeffrey Hayzlett and the 118 Pitch Course The 118 Pitch Course, featuring Jeffrey Hayzlett

All job interview questions can be summarized in this one: Why should I hire you? The classic answer is your ‘elevator speech’ – and the 118 Pitch Course gives you the courage and the insight you need to share your story in a way that’s persuasive and compelling. Featuring Bloomberg TV’s Jeffrey Hayzlett, discover personal branding insights from a Fortune 100 CMO and internationally-recognized expert on marketing. Click here for details.

The NEW Elevator Pitch by Chris WestfallThe NEW Elevator Pitch is your guidebook to persuasive communication in the digital age. With this book, you can

  • Get a job
  • Get a raise
  • Get funding for your business, social cause or candidate

Create the dialogue that answers your job interview questions – when you know how to tell your story, you can harness the power of The NEW Elevator Pitch.

Here are some additional job interview questions that can help to show that you’ve done your homework. You’ve got to demonstrate a knowledge of the hiring manager, of the company and of the competitive marketplace. Chances are, your answers are already online and you can find out a lot with a little research.  Remember, LinkedIn is your friend! But don’t forget to use the power of personal networking for a first-hand perspective.

  • What surprised me was _______ So, could you tell me more about how you decided to _______?
  • Is it really true that…?
  • Where did the idea for ____ come from…?

Confirm what you’ve heard, and make sure that you do your due diligence on the company.  The questions you ask will demonstrate your level of insight, and curiosity, in the context of a hiring decision.

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