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For companies and individuals, advertising can be summarized in one word: referrals.

The wave of social media and instant connectivity means that customers are talking first, last and center to prospects, and vice versa. A client recently asked if his advertising budget looked “about right”. Hmmm… It did; but I added: what you spend on talking about yourself is not nearly as important as what others are saying about you.

Advertising has changed dramatically, in a web 2.0 world.

Seems like today’s advertising isn’t about informing customers and driving sales, as much as it’s about trying to create a ‘hook” within the constant barrage of promises and promotion. The traditional idea of broadcast communication has been replaced with the idea of the conversation. If you want to advertise your product or service, get people talking about it.

There’s a lot of information out there, and all of us are interested in clarity. Will the product (or service) deliver as promised? The best way to know is through what others are saying – not what the advertiser says.

The call to action today is: Please go online and find out what others say about our stuff. Effective advertising is simply creating a conversation about your product. The customer is the new advertiser. Whether satisfied or unsatisfied, your advertising is being handled by the clients you serve. As a consumer, you are also an advertiser. Your referrals matter, and millennials know the value of their opinions better than anybody.

Ads still create interest but the best advertisement for my money: Solid referrals.

About Robert Riggs:

Robert Riggs is a Peabody-award-winning broadcast journalist who served as an investigative reporter in Dallas as well as a Washington correspondent. Embedded in both Gulf wars, he has built his career on delivering the most challenging stories. Today, he helps companies with their brand messages, through frontpagetv , one of several companies that utilize his services. He is the co-founder and President of the Horse Riding Channel, a website dedicated to sharing the love of horses.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in advertising? Can you point to an example of advertising that still works?

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