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Do you think learning can be …funny?

Let me introduce you to a 409-year-old witch, who’s making a difference for children with autism. A new app is helping kids to read, and they’re laughing while they learn.

Heckerty makes learning funny

Heckerty is the invention of former BBC correspondent and master educator, Jan Ziff. Along with her husband, Allan Davidson, they’ve created an app that’s helping kids to learn to read. Now, that learning is making changes for children with autism, as well as children (and adults) who are learning English as a second language.  The story is engaging, and charming, funny and unexpected – and it runs on multiple platforms, via download.

Have you met the new Harry Potter for young kids?  There’s never been a better way to learn how to read – fun, funny and engaging, Heckerty is a great way to start off 2013 for your kids.

Who knew that giggling could be a side effect of building vocabulary?

What’s on, on your iPad?

Here’s what people are saying about the always-gentle Heckerty, and the new app (available here for download):

Our 6 yr old daughter is unable to,read nor talk very well due to her disability. She loves to have the witch read to her and it is inspiring her to say words.

Loved this App. My 5 year old was in to it straight away. Great facility to touch the words she didn’t know and have them pronounced for her, or have the story read to her. She also really loved all the interactive stuff. This is a really good fun reading app. And great value. Let’s have more Heckerty soon please!!!

Children will be captivated by the characters and their stories and will remain fully engaged, even if they are prone to boredom or over activity. Parents will discover within a few minutes that Heckerty offers a wonderful balance of education and entertainment.

Download the Heckerty app now, from the app store – click here

The key to Heckerty’s success: she makes learning funny. Think about it: the best instruction doesn’t feel like school – it feels like fun. Are your kids ready to laugh while they learn? For children with autism, Heckerty’s mystical adventures (and never-ending silliness!) have created a powerful way to connect with the story.

This green-faced witch is the new Harry Potter for younger children, beautifully voiced by Jan herself. Find out more about her adventures, and download the app today – see if Heckerty can make a difference for you, your kids… and your funny bone.

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