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Sincerity and authenticity are the cornerstones of trust.

While words like “sincerity” and “trust” are important concepts, they can be a little hard to define.  I mean, you can’t put sincerity in the front seat of your car, or put authenticity on your kitchen table and look at it.  We all want trust, but how do we go about getting it?  How do we know when we’ve got it?  And then: what the heck do we do with it?

There are many visionaries out there who can conceive incredible ideas and deliver spectacular and groundbreaking messages.  Great ideas are, well, great…but ideas without action are just dreams.  Concepts without clear and actionable plans are meaningless to me.   So, here’s a look at the practical matters behind the concepts of trust, sincerity and authenticity.

I really enjoyed Liz Strauss‘ article on How to Gain Influence and Earn Trust. When it comes to delivering your message, you’ve got to establish trust, sincerity and authenticity if you want to be heard.

Love the concepts… But, how do you go beyond concepts, into action and results? Is it enough to say “Be clear about your values” (that’s also conceptual!) or is there some other instruction – some tactics that simple folks like you and me can use to create an atmosphere of trust and transparency?

Is your presentation broken?

Communication, like business, accounting, building a fire or fixing a refrigerator, is a process. (Clearly, in this blog it’s a process of random metaphors and strange associations…stay with me on this one).

To create trust, sincerity and authenticity, here’s the one thing (just one!) that you need to do in your next interaction. Make this one change and you will change your results. You will change the power in your connection.

I am a practical man.  Concepts are tough for me, but action is crystal-clear.

Sincerity and Authenticity, defined:

Deliver on your promise.

If you want to create trust, sincerity and authenticity, decide on the promise that you will deliver. Maybe it’s as simple as creating a blog post or video that contains meaningful and powerful content. Perhaps your sincerity is based on the service that you offer, to your clients, your team, your organization. By inviting others to connect with your material, you connect with them. Your promise is based on the difference that you make, as an individual – and then: making that difference happen.

Defining your promise is the first step.

Next time you deliver a presentation or pitch, consider your promise.  How are you going to show (not conceptually, but actually) that you can deliver?

Trust is based on proof. Authenticity is all about being who you are, and that starts when you do what you say you will. Sincerity starts with focusing on your listener, when your promise is delivered.

How do you know when you’ve created a real connection?  What do you do to create trust, sincerity and authenticity for the people that matter to you?

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