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Social media has transformed the way that we connect.

Between the likes, tweets and pokes, I’ve realized that there’s a fallout from social media: it’s made me anti-social.

Saw this post on Facebook today, from the one and only Chris Brogan, talking about how it’s not natural to have thousands of friends.
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As usual, he’s right.

Social media provides us with technology that can create some unnatural (and unmanageable) situations.

People aren’t supposed to have thousands of friends.  But:  I’m glad that I do, and I value the connections as best I can.  But I don’t have time to comment and connect as much as I’d like to – maybe you feel the same way?

And, while the emphasis is on the conversation, some of these numbers are just unmanageable when it comes to connecting in a real way. How can you really be a friend to thousands?

Automation is not the complete answer, although it helps.  Automation solves the problem of time management, yet it’s not a replacement for a real connection.

How can you filter these connections effectively? I mean, which connections really matter, and how do you know which electronic friends are most important?

Of course, all connections are important on some level – but if everyone is special, then no one is.

The ability to connect with countless thousands is important to me, to my business and my personal brand. Probably means a lot to you – in fact, you may have landed on this post due to something you saw on a social media platform.

So, let me ask you: How do you manage your electronic connections effectively? Do you believe that social media has made you anti-social? Is it possible to be truly social, if you’re sitting in front of a keyboard?

I’m concerned that we’re losing our ability to connect, face to face.

Do you think the art of conversation is dying? Text me your answer and let me know.

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