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BulletProof Branding by Chris WestfallFind out how brands like Cisco, The Huffington Post and Cargill are changing the conversation. In the age of social media, you’ve got to understand how to create a bulletproof brand – for yourself, for your company, for your customers.

With a foreword by Ted Rubin.

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Connection – Consistency – Collaboration

Get your copy today, for just $16.95 plus shipping and handling, and you will receive your strategic guide to creating a more powerful connection with your clients, your customers and your company. Here’s the de facto guidebook on the new rules of marketing – because branding isn’t just a part of your business, it is your business.




The NEW Elevator Pitch by Chris Westfall

The NEW Elevator Pitch by Chris WestfallHere’s the hold your handbook guide to making sure you message is powerful, concise and compelling.

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Find out how companies and individuals are changing the conversation on four continents – creating multi-million dollar revenue streams and investments. The real secret to engagement? Understanding how to start the conversation – whether you tweet it or tell it. It’s time for a new story, if you want to create new results. Because whoever tells the best story, wins.




The 118 Pitch Course: How to Pitch Anything and WIN, with Jeffrey Hayzlett

Jeffrey Hayzlett and the 118 Pitch CourseThe 118 Pitch Course, featuring Jeffrey Hayzlett, will teach you the secrets of influence and persuasion. For your business, you’ve got to have the communication skills to tell a concise and compelling story – that’s your 118.

Learn the skills you need to develop and deliver a new kind of persuasion, the 118 Pitch Course will show you how to pitch anything – and win – with a modern message that’s designed for the digital age.

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The NEW Elevator Pitch

The NEW Elevator Pitch by Chris Westfall

Product Description: The hold-your-handbook for creating a compelling and authentic connection with the people that matter most… Available In: Kindle, NOOK book, Paperback Read More About This Title >

Five Great New Elevator Pitches

Product Description: Don’t just give a speech, when you can deliver a message – the message of the NEW Elevator Pitch! Available In: Kindle, NOOK book Read More About This Title >

The Millennial CEO

Product Description: Find out how this Gen Y guy accomplished what few ever can, and understand his perspective on team-building, finance, social media and more. Available In: Kindle, Paperback Read More About This Title >