The Intovert / Extrovert Hoax in Social Media

The Intovert / Extrovert Hoax in Social Media
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There’s a hoax in social media, regarding introverts and extroverts.

It would appear that the more “social” a person is (extrovert), the more social media would appeal. However, just the opposite is true. Introverts have an unfair advantage in social media. I’m certain of it, and here’s why…

Chris Westfall on CNNFirst of all, a little full disclosure: I am not an introvert.  And I’m at a disadvantage in the world of social media.

I know this because:

I do not have a “rich inner life”. In fact, inner reflection can be fairly unpleasant for me.  Writing doesn’t come easily.  The world of thoughts and ideas is intriguing, but it’s not my home base.

Both Myers and Briggs call me “Mr. E”.  I’d rather be out connecting with people, and I try my best not to be anti-social on social media.  I like to ride bareback when I tell my story – no keyboard required.

Yet, in the world of social media, I am at a distinct disadvantage. My social skills (and need for human interaction, according to Karl Jung – whoever he is) don’t necessarily translate through the keyboard to the small screen.

That’s one of the reasons why I wrote this blog post on how Social Media Made Me Anti-Social.

Do introverts have an advantage in the world of social media?

I’m a huge fan of Lisa Petrilli (and not just for her ballroom dancing skills).  And Steve Woodruff is someone I’ve come to know and respect a great deal. The Online Force is strong with him.  These folks, and others, have a great message to share - if I can just get it past my personality.  :-(

Fortunately, I’m not on an island of despair (thanks to social media) – and some of my great friends came to help me out with some great advice.

As an extrovert, social media makes me feel defective. Or old school. Or both.

But I can’t let being an extrovert become an online liability!

So here’s what I’ve discovered:

What’s wrong with me isn’t my personality.

(At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

No, the larger challenge is my belief system.  Click on the tiny pic to expand and see what profkrg had to say.

Chris Westfall's blog at

What I’ve realized, in my brief and difficult tour of my still-under-construction inner life, is that my perceptions are out of whack.

My belief system has to change, if I’m going to be effective. If I believe that I have to be as outgoing and gregarious online as I am in real life, I will be disappointed. But, that belief system is wrong!

I’m adjusting my approach, via my belief system, to create expectations that fit into a new (and electronic) reality. How about you?

Sometimes adjusting your expectations is the key – and that doesn’t have a thing to do with your personality.

But probably a lot to do with your intelligence…

Image of meditating man by allensima used under creative commons. Some rights reserved.
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