The Source of Inspiration

The Source of Inspiration
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Ask 100 people what inspires them, and you will get 100 different answers.

What Inspires You? 100 People Surveyed


  • Things in nature (“the mountains” “going to the beach”): 19
  • Answers that belong on a poster or greeting card (“Achievement” “Going the distance”): 16
  • Family answers (“my kids” “my husband” “my baby’s smile”): 12
  • Experiential responses (“Being in church” “Listening to music”): 11
  • Other (“I have no idea” “Please leave me alone” “Who are you again?”): 44

TOTAL: 100

What inspires you? More importantly: What inspires your listener?

Whether you are inspired by natural beauty, a child’s smile, great music or a religious experience, all inspirational events have one thing in common.

Inspiration comes from positive change.

493958686 614e36fa20 z 150x150 The Source of InspirationYou hear a great song, and your mood changes. We are moved to action by that positive impulse that comes from a favorite tune.

The music can inspire you to get back to making dinner, or back to working on your blog post. Watch your mood shift during a walk along a beautiful beach.

A business man who had an awful day, losing millions in the stock market, is instantly inspired when his son says, “Can we play now, Daddy?”

Often the most brilliant ideas are the simplest.

Inspiration, even in the face of difficulty, can come from even the slightest change in our perspective.

If you seek to inspire your listener, seek to create that positive change by challenging the status quo. Quickly and effectively, you must show how current circumstances will change for the better, based on your ideas.

Transformation is the source of your inspiration.

Know the change you want to make.
Know the action you want your listener to take.

Main image courtesy of Patrick Hoelsy, used under creative commons. Some rights reserved.
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Excellent, and funny that I see @BruceSallan1 on here because I thought of him instantly after his comments on my post about hyper and focused organization.


Chris, you're on an INSPIRATION run lately? My inspiration comes from helping people be better in their lives - as dads, husbands, sons and all the same for women as well. My reward is positive feedback of which I'm an addict to "attaboys"...


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